Abogado - Solicitor

Miguel Ángel Colombo


Finding the right solicitor is essential. At Miguel Ángel Colombo, we understand the challenges you face. We offer advice that will allow you to focus on resolving all of your legal issues.

We provide advice that is timely and effective. Clients count on us for a powerful, expert approach to meeting the challenges of their legal issues in Spain. Amongst many others, the services, guidance and advice that we offer include:

·    Property purchases and sales

·    Rental agreements

·    Inheritance, Probate, Intestacy Law and Letters of Administration

·    Fiscal Representation for non resident property owners

·    Spanish Wills, Living Wills and Estate Planning

·    Separations, Divorces, Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements

·    Planning and negotiating contracts and agreements

·    Legalisation of properties

·    Legal proceedings

·    Civil Law

·    Translation and Sworn Interpreter Services

·    Surveyor and Architects Services

Our office has assisted many clients in a wide variety of legal sectors.

Whether you are living in Spain, own a holiday home or require assistance with any legal issues that you may encounter.

Our English-speaking staff has experience in many kinds of legal areas and can resolve matters for you in an efficient and professional manner.